Warning About Fraud

We have received some reports regarding a fraud activity regarding the hotel reservation for the 13th SEACOMP 2015 event. The fraud was conducted in the name of Exhibitors Housing Services (EHS), which is aggressively cold-calling and spamming individuals and companies related to the event. While we have never placed any email other than our emails at the 13th SEACOMP 2015 website, the individual’s name and email are registered in the fraud form at the EHS’s website at the link sent to victim’s email, followed by a procedure for payment.

We would like to inform that we have not affiliated with any hotel and accommodation service provider regarding the 13th SEACOMP 2015. If you receive such email or phone call regarding the booking process of any hotel but the communication was not from our official email, please ignore the email or phone call. Please be aware of any offer from unrecognized individuals or party regarding the 13th SEACOMP 2015, as it may be indicated as a scam or fraud.

As an additional information, we have gathered some information about previous incidents. We found that this fraud activity has been already conducted by EHS (and the other company called Exhibitors Housing Management/EHM) on several previous events in many countries. Those companies were also already blacklisted in many organizations such as The Physiological Society and BioMedEx Ltd.

This link provides report at the Scam Book:


These links are the example of previous warnings on some events or companies: